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Sassafras Tech Collective
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Welcome to Sassafras.

We are a worker-owned cooperative that designs and builds technology for justice and joy.

Movement-aligned work with meaningful impact.

Our worker-owners design and build technology in service of justice movements. Our software projects expand spaces for movements and the people in them to dream, collaborate, build power, heal, and experience joy. We care for and improve long-standing tools that organizers, NGOs, artists, researchers, and other change-makers rely on. We advise on design, engineering, and funding strategies for tech initiatives.

Our projects span from non-extractive finance software to digital art tapestries; from online storytelling for anti-harassment to data collection apps for equitable health research.

We know that people solve problems, not computers. We may advise against custom software if you and your organization can meet your needs another way that is more sustainable or safer. If we develop software together, we will help you prioritize the expertise, needs, and safety of the people who will use it.


Connect with us.

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How to Work With Me
March 06, 2024

As software developers in the labor movement, several of us at Sassafras attended the Labor Notes Tech Organizing Conference in October 2023. At one particular…